Lomas's Diary of a Mad Half-Black Woman

12 Video tracks available on DVD - Available for free
 This is  a solo project from Lomas and everything from the album cover
to the video/audio recording, production and editing was done by her.
you can get a free copy of the dvd by clicking the icon at the bottom. 
-   Intro (Shaft - Isaac Hayes Remix)
Wait To Ya See My Kicks (Ying Yang Twins Remix)
Drugs Don't Work Ft. Elissa (The Verve Remix)
Weed and Some Paper Ft. Dirt-e-Kent (Cool Kids Remix)
Bam Bam Riddim
Fucken Waste of Space (Nicki Minaj Remix)
Zion Consciousness
Things Change (Fugees Remix)
Get Ya Ft. Madman (Outkast Remix)
So Wat I Get Hi (Die Antwoord Remix)
Your Mind Ft. Tycotic (Tinie Tempah Remix)
Outro (Shaft - Isaac Hayes Remix) 
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