DeadBeat and Hazy - The Haze

The Haze is the first single off the yet-to-be-named EP for DEADBEAT AND HAZY in 2013. The track ponders on what we know, what we don’t and everything in between. It's for all the stoner philosophers out there. 'Thoughts float through in a constant procession. My conscious unconsciously changing. Rearranging the schematics of my brain. Inhaling the vapour. I'm gliding like paper planes' (Deadbeat, 2013). Featuring on The Haze is JOE WEST and his guitars. But, do not be mistaken, this is no ordinary strum. It’s as abstract as a guitar on an alternative Hip Hop track can get, like it has a mind and verse of its own… so blaze up, sit back and let it take you to another place (I wonder where you’ll go).
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