She Rex

Four piece all girl outfit with live drums, keys, guitar and vocal.
raw rugged Australian hip hop with a difference.


She Rex Mini Documentary.

11th Hour
Official Music video for debut single '11th Hour'
by Sydney all girl band `She Rex'
Directed and Produced by Caroline Tresise.

"The drums are dirty, the guitars are buzzy and the whole thing is fuzzy as fuck. The roar of the mighty beast may have changed, but it still packs plenty of punch. The all-girl part rap, part punk totally rock bandits are as sexy as they are foxy, and unlike what you may expect, their music has plenty of balls. Massive balls." (11th Hour)

"With live drums, keys, guitar and vocals, they built a blurry, stoner moan rock vibe with a little of funk thrown in, almost as an afterthought...this is a band with some serious sound who don't muck about."
Show Review, OzHipHop.Com Forum

EP and Gigs coming soon check the Facebook page for latest details.

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