Ben Iota - Born 'Free'

The debut 9 track solo EP by Ben Iota (FKA Bornski Adroit Effusive/Common Cause) produced and arranged by Matchless Gift with cuts by DJ Snair and co-production by Funkwig. EP features Janey Housego, Visionz, Motion, Mesha and Social Change.

Born Free

Ben Iota (formerly known as Bornski of Adroit Effusive/Common Cause) and Matchless Gift (Butterthief) proudly present Born ‘Free’. Lyrically inspired by Ben Iota’s recent studies, travels and experiences living in a developing country, alongside the manifest production of Matchless Gift, this release explores the theme of freedom, or lack there of. It is a narrative to the search for an alternative to the homogeny and trappings of society, and the endeavour to outlive the limitations that we place upon ourselves. Inquiry and exploration underpin Born ‘Free’.

compact disc can be delivered in Jewel Case CD packaging with a 4 page booklet plus bonus Butterthief Phat Tape CD in jewel case packaging for the first 50 preorders. If you like it, please, support independent artists! more info