Chux - Won't Stop

ft: Thandiwe Phoenix  -  great cruisy jazz and soul fused hip hop
“Won’t Stop” from Chux’s 2013 album “Words, Work & Women”, is a first person recount of the preoccupation and obsession with sex that happens, often distracting from things that we know are more pressing, but far less enticing. Thanks to director Raf Flores, producer Kun of  `Truth Be Heard' and leading ladies Abbey Love, Jennifer Tai and Allison Ng.

Did a little gig a month or two back and met this local singer by the name of Thandiwe Phoenix.  Was cool, shared the stage right up until she got on and then I heard her voice and fell harder than a a disney badguy at the end of the movie. We collaborated on some late night lounging type, indoor intimate type, staying in soulful type stuff for you.

Director – Raf Flores
Storyboard – Chux Montano

Words, Work and Women
Words Work and Women - 13 track album

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