Odyssey - Taste Test

Aussie Hip Hop band from Melbourne 
 Hayden - Vocals | Nathan - Guitars | Christian - Drums | Anthony - Bass | Tyla - Keys  | Engineered by Anthony Iorio - Produced by Odyssey - Artwork by Christian Vine 


What was an outlet is now doubt that I string along It's like I'm cooking for a crowd that I haven't fed Yeah I've been knuckling down in the kitchen But I don't hear a single sound coming from the lounges I'm just a petty fresh chef needing some investors Trying to forget the current menu is pathetic No, I don't wanna see the taste testers With the foul frowns or the face gestures Lost often in his coffin of commentary, Where he sticks and jots and he wanders off in his pondering Little different, bit off topic when he wants to be Never been a common kid conforming to the policies watch constantly for the reasons it's conjured, Learn to speak with the devious and to sleep with the monsters. He see's freedom misinterpreted as bait So he cooks it in a kitchen and serves it on a plate Slurring words in lyric knowing people never said it. Said I'm cooking people dishes but the recipes eccentric. Neglected friendships been dismembered ever since. Evanescent when they tend to question why I'm venturing. Less incentive since the parents got uncomfortable I wanna live with friends but too many are dysfunctional Pretty sure the folks have noticed that I've loss some weight Brushing off the burdens for the confidence to compensate I don't know what's missing, but I'm trying put my finger on it. Maybe just cost of living? Diet of a skinny wallet? Either or an overdose of under activeness. In each and every aspect i am famished! I wanna catch the biggest fish this town has ever seen. Out at sea i'm proud around the town renowned respectfully Save up for a charter boat They say inflatables within a sailors playground are disaster prone Watch me go out on a limb Stumble out of balance from these casual wages that are wavering gotta admit, it's gotten ominous. Too many of us swing and miss then scrape the barrells bottom

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