Suburban Dark - Second Front (album)

A diverse range of tracks from spine chilling noise 
to straight up bass assaulting bangers. 
The album is a dark, eclectic collection of rap tracks 
and  instrumentals: a calculated departure from previous 
Big Village releases, an affront to the 
‘feel good’ sound of most mainstream australian hip hop.

Second Front

Suburban Dark are an outfit only interested in rinsing out speakers. Composed of Chris Irvine and Ryan Wilmott, both members of sydney hip hop band The Phonies and founding members of Sketch the Rhyme, Suburban Dark is best played loud.

Skeletonne  ft: Jeswon

Straight Edge  ft. Jeswon

Suburban Dark
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Sydney Launch - August 31st - Civic Underground
Live ft:  Jeswon, Tuka, Ellesquire, Elemont, P.Smurf, Rapaport and more.
More about the event >

Melbourne Launch - September 6 - Revolver Bandroom
Live supported by P.Smurf and Rapaport
Suburban Dark
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