Aussie Girls of Hip Hop 2013

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Aussie Girls of Hip Hop 2013

   Songs from Female Australian Hip Hop Artists   
       plus bonus video singles & MP3 downloads         
                          released in 2013 featuring:                  
   Blaq Carrie, Lomas, Stretchy, She Rex, Sky'high, Paz Riley,   
           Iggy Azalea, Nastaij, Layla,  Coda Conduct, Simmy,           
            Lana Lyric,  Kimence, Porsah Laine,  MC Shook,               
              Lyrest, Dawn Laird, Chelsea Jane, Empress MC              

   a diverse range of current hip hop coming out of Australia in 2013   



Layla - Beyond the Ends 

Simmy - I'm Back 

 Dawn Laird - Mel Blanc 

Blaq Carrie - Let There Be Hope 

Porsah Laine - Go Be Yourself   (ft: Solex) 

Lana Lyric - Got Me 

Lomas - Digital Zulu

Lyrest - All day I dream about hip hop 

Sky'high - Grey and Blue 

Paz Riley - Takeover 

Kimence - We Major (ft: Ralph A.L.) 

Stretchy - Walk Alone 

Empress MC - Bullshit 

Iggy Azalea - Bounce

Nastaij - Where I want to Be 

 Stretchy with Codix (video single) 

 Lomas - Digital Zulu (video single) 

Coda Conduct - Watch this Space (video single)

 Lana Lyric - Blame You (video single) 

   Lyrest - All day I dream about Hip Hop (anime)  

 MC Shook - Writing And Rhyming (audio single) 

 Chelsea Jane - Queen of the Hill (video single) 

 JPoint and Sunjay - Decent  
(bonus from the man that sings with a lot of Aussie Girls including Sunjay)

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       Blaq Carrie  -  Layla   -  Sky'high   -  She Rex  -  Lomas       

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