Horrorshow - Unfair Lottery

Video and Audio single from the `King Amongst Many' album.

King Amongst Many


There will be no party time with the third album from Sydney duo Horrorshow. Bangin' tracks are absent, so you can't switch off from the words and just go nuts. Chances to put your hands in the air and wave your stubbie like you just don't care if the person next to you gets splashed are non-existent. Indeed, if you prefer your music to come with easy celebration rather than complex contemplation, you're in the wrong room. Hey, there are plenty of local hip-hop acts offering that so you're not going to run short.

`The lasting feature of "King Amongst Many's" sound is thoughtfulness. And you can say the same for the lyrics'
(The Age)

“close to an instant classic” 
(The Vine)
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