Justice and Kaos - The Home indVasian 2

Justice and Kaos

Nu tracks released on an ongoing basis - listen or free mp3 downloads
Write, record and release a song each week for 30 weeks. Sounds like an ambitious project, right? Not quite as ambitious as doing it for a 2nd time. After taking a couple of years to recover from self-inflicted, deadline-driven, marathon studio sessions that resembled scenes from Saw, Justice & Kaos return for the sequel to 2011′s highly successful Home indVasian series. Recognising the changing way in which people seek out and consume music, the original series saw J&K release new tunes weekly for over half a year online, yielding 230,000+ track plays, downloads & YouTube views. As far as sequels go, Home indVasian 2 promises to be more Empire Strikes Back, less Speed 2. Unless the bomb was on a rickshaw. You can still expect more of the same flood of music, but HI2 promises to be a different beast altogether. Fans can expect more original music, more videos, more content and just more quality. This is unfiltered, minimal-lag, direct artist-to-audience music. The way it should be in 2013.