Nuera - November (volume 1)

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Australian Hip Hop

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Requiem - Early A.M.

Y S - Miss You (ft: Reina Ramos)

Joey Warner - Tryna Hear Me

Izzy n the Profit -  in the World

Izzy n the Profit - Talk To Us

Fozzey & VanC - Running

JPoint - Hip Hop Head

Reverse Polarities - Boss

Omac - LMG Session

Natureboy, GMC, Fozzey and VanC - Video Games

 Junor - Hold It Down

MC Death - Razor Blades Of Sharpness

MC Death - Insights Of Light And A Dark Mind

Godfrey Ay - Quest

Ben Morris Losty Ft. Shanah MacFarlane - Big Weekend

Aussie Hip Hop

published November 2013