Nuera - November (volume 2)

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Brodcast - Still D.R.E.
Natureboy & GMC - Ashing It Out
J MAC - Pound Cake
Justice & Kaos - Cruise Control
Mentality & Tucee - With The Wind
Vursafied - Solitary Confinement
Complete - Trippin Out
Loose Change - Mess
Crochet Crooks - Letters (Ft: Liz Macnaught)
Crochet Crooks - This Is Us
Vursafied - This Is My Life (Ft: Savilian)
Justice & Kaos - Across The City
Coda Conduct - Rainy Day
MC Death, Stiches, Jestures, Gearz - Invading Ya Dreamz
Twitch.E - Snarin
Justice & Kaos - First World Problems
J MAC - A Piece Of My MInd (ft: Pace One)
Ivanuzi - RΣGRΣTS
Klever Kids - Read All About It (ft: Cathryn Bentley)
Dj Droes - Livin' My Life
Pauly P - Live And Learn
Jakobe - Bring A Carton
Purpose - Power Trippin

Australian Hip Hop