Briggs and Friends - 18 track Mixtape

Briggs and Friends

Briggs BMW & Flago Powers with DJ Flagrant The Joint with Clandestine & Billy Bunks Burning Bridges with Last Kinection Macho Man with Trials & K21 So Dangerous with Trials Let It Go with Sietta Since Forever with Hilltop Hoods Dope Squad with Motley, N'Fa, Remi, Hau, Az, Sky'High & 1/6 The Underground with Hilltop Hoods, Horroshow & Classified My Priority with Reason & Mark 563 Sweet Science with Bitter Belief & Hau Deuce Love & Big Sigh with Vents Keep That Mouth Shut with Tornts, Jake Biz, Ciecmate, Gaz Hazard, Fluent Form & Bigfoot Don Dada with Sky'High, David Dallas & RoxXxan Game Time with Maundz Aint No Place with Eloquor The Roll Call with Funkoars, Vents & K21 Get Up with Hau