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Australian Hip Hop

ft: Skank MC, Dan The Underdog, DK & Zak Schmidt, Stannard, Natureboy, GMC, Layla, Trigz, Allday, A.Saxon, J Mac, Vursafied, Brodcast, Complete, Post Skript Music, Jakobe

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Skank MC - Speed Racer  (ft: Dan The Underdog)
DK & Zak Schmidt - Say It   (ft: Stannard)
Natureboy and GMC - Ashing It Out
Layla - Settle Gretel! 
Trigz - Peace Of Mind
Trigz - Be Somebody (ft: Allday)
A.Saxon - Bless That
J Mac - Pound Cake Remix
Vursafied - Solitary Confinement
Brodcast - Still D.R.E.
Complete - Trippin Out
Post Skript Music - Pat Malone
Jakobe - Why Change

Aussie Hip Hop