Aussie Hip Hop - video single mix

9 tracks - audio or video - click to play - recent Australian Hip Hop
ft: 360, Diafrix, MC Shook, Bliss n Eso, Horrorshow, Jimblah, Savilian, Dialectrix, Sunlight,
and excerpts from Eske, Earelevant, AdiHD, Kimence, Wizdm, Zeed The Mantis

Aussie Hip Hop

360 - On a planet no one knows

MC Shook - Numb Me Up

Sunlight - Vague

Bliss n Eso - My Life (ft: Ceekay Jones)

Horrorshow - Own Backyard ft: Jimblah 

Diafrix - Rest Assured

Savilian - Me And My Mac

Dialectrix - Black and Gold

HC Cypher - Eske, Earelevant, AdiHD, Kimence, Wizdm, Zeed The Mantis

Australian Hip Hop
Circus Under The Stars tour (May/April 2014)
Bliss n Esso, Seth Sentry, Horrorshow, Freestyle
Local giants Bliss N Eso aren't pulling any punches after a massive 2013 with the announcement of their biggest tour to date, and what is sure to be Australian hip-hop's most monumental outing ever. Illusive and Frontier Touring will be taking the Sydney trio on a goliath 'Circus Under The Stars' 15-date outdoor tour throughout April and May in support of their ARIA #1 album 'Circus in the Sky'.

Making this a tour to remember, they'll be joined on all shows by two of the genre's most prolific acts. They are Sydney powerhouse Horrorshow who have established themselves an enormous following through their thrilling, progressive brand of hip-hop and by the human ball of charisma Seth Sentry, who continues to win over hordes of fans with each passing month. This dream team are some of the country's biggest acts each in their own right, and together they create the largest Australian hip-hop line-up you're ever likely to see on a headline tour, making this one hell of a party.

The 'Circus Under the Stars' tour will see Bliss N Eso shipping around several truckloads of state-of-the-art production and staging equipment over tens of thousands of kilometres, setting up an outdoor concert experience that has never been seen before in most of the 12 regional areas. In capital cities they will be leaving the arenas they regularly sell out in favour of the unique confines of outdoor locations like Flemington Racecourse (Melbourne), The Domain (Sydney), Wellington Square (Perth) and Riverstage (Brisbane).