August Affair - 2014 music video singles (volume 2)

12 music video singles - tap to play - Australian Hip Hop

Australian Hip Hop

ft: The Kid, Booza B, Dane One, Maggot Mouf, P.R, Kerser, Rates, Fortay, Double L, 
DT3, Daily Meds, Greeley, Illy, Wooncrew, Alex Jones, Tu P, Marx Sickmind

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The Kid - The Hangover
Booza B, Dane One, Maggot Mouf - Sippern 
P.R - Long Walk
Kerser, Rates, Fortay - These Kunts
Double L - Take 2
DT3 - Fatal Attraction
Daily Meds - Behind the Radar
Greeley - Under Down Under Ground
Illy - One For The City
Wooncrew - One Time
Alex Jones - MDMA
Tu P and Sickmind - March is Long

Australian Hip Hop
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