Nix - Decisions

Cleeshae - Aeroplane gon' be my car

Jay Daniels - 1 Time

OnSlaught - Hold On

Allday - Nearly Famous

Life on the street - Nhostic

Complete and Omac - Bad Habits

Onslaught - Tomorrow

Allday and C1 - So Good

Layla - Dead Dick

Donalisa - G.I JANE ft: know1MC

Camira - Run it Back

Full Tote Odds - Beer

BeNRiCh - What I Got

Fatty Phew - Introspective

Solex and Porsah Laine - Go Be Yourself

Deuce Kicks - Endone

Diafrix - Light will Shine

Complete, Omac and Bitter Belief - The Countdown

Skase a.k. - that's how it is

Junor and Oscar - Recognise

Losty - In all Honesty

JPoint - Willing to Sacrifice