Allday - Soon I'll Be In Cali 2 (album)

Nhostic - I Am Who I Am

Realizm - Eyes Never Close

Omac, Kabs and Sever - No Passengers

iLLaSSist - The Journey

Complete and Defekt - They Said

Aussie Hip Hop Video 6 Pac `end of July 2013' various artists

Anomaly - Too Late

Ivan Ooze, 7L and Esoteric - The Creep

Adan Carter - Program

One Mike - alpha point

Forbes - Nothing Is Something

Chap One and Durban Poison - `Soul Music' ft: Class A and Candice Monique

Godfrey - Hip Hop Is Not Dead (Pt 2)

Natureboy and GMC - Vacay - ft: Bam Bam