ODC with Poetik and Manny - smiles and cries

Jakobe - Our Ghosts

Average Steve - Rise Up

Junio - No Turning Back - ft. Netti

Gabreal - Africa

Mr Ruckman - Drink

Cooking with Caustic - Natural Selection


Suburban Diversity - Express audio

Dune - Beast (ft. Losty)

Scarecrow, Edy Brock and Toddla - Dirty Herbs and Comic Books...

Rokelite Party (June 2014) @ Hustle & Flow Bar

Brodcast, KONEAR and CB - These Clowns

Elijah The Profit - Simple and Plain Pt II

Orkwid - Blood Upon The Rain

Cortext and Bitter Belief - Armageddon

D3A7H - The Battle